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Tried and tested products with consistently good results

​Great source for vitamins, anti-oxidants and the best curcumin and magnesium available

 Read the story about curcumin and cancer - numerous studies and documented evidence 

Excellent for skin problems

No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives

100% natural

anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial

Great for fungal infections, wounds that won't heal, acne, pimples, hot spots, eczema and many others

Outstanding results

We'll measure your results for FREE(*)

Hard arteries and a lack of circulation cause many problems from cold hands and feet to memory problems, erectile dysfunction and serious cardiovascular disease.

Not sure if you have a problem, we can test you with state of the art equipment

(*) free tests by appointment in Banchory only

value. quality care. convenience.

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